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Walking Into The Manifestation Of The Fullness Of Chrst In You

Are you tired of reading about things in the Bible and never experiencing them yourself? God is meant to be experience. The Bible says we must come to know him beyond knowledge, we must truly experience him if we are to grow into God’s fullness (Eph 3:19). Oneness with God is an approach to spiritual growth with emphasis on intimacy…

This platform is an online community like facebook where you can share posts (articles, images, audios, videos, files and ebooks), comment, like, follow people of interest, send private messages, create and join groups and forums of discussions, and get to bond with new people. It is also an school where we offer unlimited courses. These courses will help to train you and guide you in your spiritual journey and cause a rapid growth in your spiritual life. You will learn to access all the dimensions of the fullness of God in Christ.

The Courses Includes

Oneness WIth God

An introduction to an effective way of growing into the fullness of God as a Christian...

Victory Over SIn

An unveiling of a Christ-centered way of dealing with sin — the way of effortless (graceful) victory.

Oneness With The Truth

An introduction into Christ as the truth and the reality of the Christian life.

The Spirit Of Evangelism

Burning with the heart of the Father for the lost souls.

Other courses include the prophetic, priesthood, kingship/sonship, healing, walking in divine health, and much more. Each one of these courses is in-depth with very equipped coaches that will walk you into the reality of the various dimensions of God. Our goal is to see every Christian walking in the fullness of God and demonstrating his glory for the sake of the testimony of the resurrected Christ.

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