Kingdom Finance Community

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I am David Emechete, in the videos shared on this page I gave a detailed explanation of how I was called, how I started, what my calling/ministry is about, and my vision for the body of Christ, especially the coming revival. As prophesied by many before us, the coming revival is going to involve vessels with no name of face — ordinary believers on the street, and not special ministers. God is surely going to use my ministry (among other ministries) to bring about this revival.

You will get to witness a revival unlike any in history. A great harvest of souls won to Christ; Christian community filled with love and righteousness; the body of Christ demonstrating the testimony of the resurrected Christ; wonders and miracles; taking over the media’s attention as they won’t be able to help but broadcast the mighty move of God; that the whole world may see the greatness of our God and the beauty of the government of Christ. This is my dream and pursuit.

You can partner with me. I cannot do it alone. We can be a team that God uses to fulfill this. Even Jesus needed a team. He had a small group who joined hands with him in his ministry. Jesus received so much support from this inner circle that he never needed to go to the public and ask anyone to give to his ministry. Whenever he encountered the rich, he would ask them to give to the poor. He didn’t felt the need to teach anybody to give to him because he is getting all the support he needs from this inner circle of friends.

“Soon afterward, Jesus began a ministry tour throughout the country, visiting cities and villages to announce the wonderful news of God’s kingdom realm. His twelve disciples traveled with him and also a number of women who had been healed of many illnesses under his ministry and set free from demonic power. Jesus had cast out seven demons from one woman. Her name was Mary Magdalene, for she was from the village of Magdala. Among the women were Susanna and Joanna, the wife of Chusa, who managed King Herod’s household. Many other women who supported Jesus’ ministry from their own personal finances also traveled with him.” (Luke 8:1-3).

In this scripture, Jesus had just started his ministry, and quickly he had a small crew following him about. This inner circle provided all the financial support he needed. I don’t want to find myself in a position where I use my ministry time trying to get people to give me money. I don’t want to fall into the temptation of coercing people because of the ministry’s financial needs.

So I am building my own inner circle. Just like in Jesus’ ministry, this small community will help support me. We would be a team, and I will only discuss the ministry’s financial issues with this small group. Together with that, I will share things with this group that I don’t share with others — edifying things. We would know each other and support each other. This is a community that would care for one another — it is not just about me and my ministry.

If you love what the Lord is doing through me, and you show me that love, then it is only normal for me to reciprocate that. So it is not just about me and my ministry alone. It is about us, loving each other with the love of Christ. I am giving this invitation to those who have seen what my ministry is about, and share the same dream, and love it enough to want to put their resources into seeing it all fulfilled. If you are that person, then commit to making recurring donations to the ministry.

Yes, this inner circle is for those who would make this commitment. You can set the interval for the donation however you wish. I will frequently give reports of what we need, and how we are spending the money. We would truly be partners in this ministry, and we would share the joy of the ministry’s success together. So if you are ready to join this inner circle click here.

But if you are not interested in making this commitment, and you only want to make a one-time donation, then click here.