The Elementary Courses

I specifically designed each of those elementary courses to prepare you for a deep dive into exploring the fullness of God. They are all meant to work together to prepare you. Oneness With God, Level one is meant to help you develop a lifestyle of pursuing hard after God. You will learn to do routine spiritual exercises daily and consistently. I know how difficult that can be, and that’s why the other course is there to teach you how to do it effortlessly.

The course on Discipline is meant to teach you how to annex the grace in Christ in order to do these exercises effortlessly. The devil usually comes with guilt and sin to stop us in our spiritual pursuit. This is why we have Victory Over Sin course to empower you to overcome and continue to press forward. Mysticism 101 is designed to show you how saints of old and Christians throughout history have been pursuing oneness with God.

In fact, Christianity is actually the pursuit of oneness with God. The New Covenant is a marriage covenant, and it is about union (oneness) between God and man. So practicing the New Covenant is actually practicing oneness with God. This is what the Christian mystics discovered that made them break away from Church dogmatic tradition. They separated themselves in order to give themselves fully to the pursuit of oneness with God.

At the end of the course, you get to see the possibilities that are made available to you as you attain Oneness. Yes, endless possibilities of supernatural manifestation. Demystifying Spiritual Growth is designed to help you understand why you must do the spiritual exercise recommended in the Oneness With God course. You get to understand why these things will result in rapid spiritual growth in your life. The course gives you a theological base for your pursuit of Oneness With God.

The Battle between Life and Death is another course to help you see how significant your spiritual growth is. In fact, the permanent solution to the majority of the problem in your life is your spiritual growth. In What Is Christianity you learn that what God actually expects you to do as a Christian is growing up to be mature sons so that you can handle Kingdom business. And in What Is Ecclesia, you will begin to see the form by which Kingdom business is to be handled.

You will get a deeper and richer perspective of God’s original intention when he gave us this thing we call Christianity. By the time you are through with all these courses you will be greatly inspired and equipped to pursue spiritual maturity, and you will be sold out to the Kingdom course. Enlightenment can be very sweet, and empowerment results in fulfillment. You get to know God’s will and enter into a fulfilling Chris tian life.

4 thoughts on “The Elementary Courses”

    1. Start with Oneness With God Level 1.

      Read this post again, you will understand. You are allowed to do more then one course at a time. Oneness With God is the main, others are meant to support it. Oneness With God has drip content. This means you can’t rush over it. You will have to take it one lesson per day. The other courses doesn’t have such restrictions. The plan is that before you finish Oneness With God Level 1 you would also finish taking the other courses.

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