Is Salvation A Scam?

Christians often talk about salvation, and when you ask what this salvation is they are quick to answer, “we are saved from sin”. But do we really know what that means, or is it just a cliche? If you are in a lion’s zone and someone says, “we who are on this side are saved from the lions”, it means they are safe from lion attacks. Probably at some point they were within the reach of being attacked and killed by the lions, but now they were delivered out of the den of the lions and they are now at a spot where the lions can’t get them.

If you are saved from sin, it means sin cannot get you. Yes, you can no longer be influenced by sin. Other people in the world may sin, but you can no longer sin. Now, can we say this is true of those who claim to be saved from sin? You don’t need to look far before you see one pastor or some Christian leader who is deep in fornication. How then are these people saved from sin? What is wrong with this salvation that we proclaim?

Our leaders who are supposed to be a model of what a mature Christian should look like are yet deep in sin. If it were the baby Christians we can easily say they are still being socialized into this salvation. But that is not the case. The ones falling deep in sin are the very leaders that are supposed to socialize us into salvation. What does that tell us? Is this salvation a scam?

When you speak of things like this some well meaning Christian will come to offer a psychological, social, or some human solution. They will tell you pastors should undergo sex education, they should be taught how to interact with ladies in the church and avoid temptation, they should do this and that. But if human solutions could deal with sin why then did Jesus died?

“Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted there by the devil. For forty days and forty nights he fasted and became very hungry.” (Matt 4:1,2).

Avoiding temptation is good, I am not discrediting it in anyway. But here Jesus was not avoiding temptation. He went into the wilderness so that he could be tempted. He went looking for temptation, and in addition to this he made himself very vulnerable. This is like entering into a gladiator match with no weapon and armour after refusing to eat for a month, just because you want to prove a point. Jesus didn’t went to the wilderness in order to fast and pray so that he could receive power to do miracle.

Jesus fasted so that he could bring himself to the lowest point of vulnerability. When a Man has not eaten for 40 day he automatically shifts to survival mode. At this point he could no longer think like a man, he is thinking like an animal. He could eat anything, even his own brother. Jesus intentionally brought himself to the lowest point of vulnerability so that the devil would bring his best temptation. He wants to defeat the best of the devil at his (Jesus’) most vulnerable state just to prove a point.

Yes, even at his worst state — his most vulnerable state — the devil still cannot defeat Jesus. That is the greatness of the salvation that Jesus came to offer. Right there in the wilderness he demonstrated the salvation he wants to give to his body. No, it is not a salvation that needs to be supported and assisted with human solutions. It is a salvation so great that no matter the situation, no matter the level of temptation, it will always come out victorious.

Let stop giving excuses for pastors fornicating. It doesn’t matter how many beautiful women are in your church or how sexually lose they are. This salvation that we have in Christ is all sufficient. It is very much powerful to overcome whatever temptation the devil brings to its doorstep. 

“Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden, The God who is our salvation. Selah.” (Psa 68:19).

“He [God] alone is my rock and my salvation,” (Psa 62:2).

“The Lord is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation;” (Exo 15:2).

“Behold, God is my salvation,” (Isa 12:2).

If you understand what these scriptures is trying to say, it will revolutionize your Christian life. Salvation is not just something that God gave us. God Himself is our salvation. Our salvation is God. This means whatever attribute that God has is what this salvation has. If God is Almighty and all-powerful, then this salvation is Almighty and all-powerful.

God has not given you a weak salvation — something that can only manage your sin. No, you have an Almighty and all-powerful salvation — one that vanquishes every power of darkness in its path. It does not struggle with the power of darkness. Oh when have Jesus ever struggled with casting out demons while he was on earth? Just one word from his mouth and they flee immediately. In fact, even before he says anything, even while he is still far away, the demons will run and start begging.

The power of our salvation is overshadowing, and overpowering everything it comes across. Nothing is remotely strong enough to resist. No addiction can resist, no perversion, no urges, no sinful habit, there is just nothing that has enough power to put up a resistance. They are vanquished at his mere presence. That is the greatness of the salvation that lives in you.

Oh Christians really need to see this, we need to see how great this salvation is. What is sin? What is the oppression of the power of darkness? What is sickness? What is even death in the presence of this mighty salvation? They are nothing, absolutely nothing. Yes this salvation is Almighty and all-powerful. He doesn’t even break a sweat in vanquishing these things. He does it so graciously. Overcoming sin is child’s play to him; living a sinless life is child’s play to him.

We can’t be going to church every week, singing how God is Almighty as if God is far far away, or abstract. This Almighty God lives in you; this Almighty God is your salvation. You need to see that your salvation is Almighty. There was a time I was talking about sinlessness and Christians were raising their eyebrows. They were like, “don’t mind him, he is talking about impossible things”. If nothing is impossible for God then nothing is impossible for this salvation that lives in me.

If nothing can defeat God, then nothing can defeat this salvation that lives in me. If God always have absolute victory then this salvation will have absolutely victory in me. All the powers of hell combined together cannot stop it, and I won’t break a sweat in conquering them. Everything is done graciously and effortlessly because there is too much power available. 

The power available in this salvation is excess, it is exceedingly abundantly above every power that exist whether on earth or in hell. Nothing can ever be strong enough to even put up a resistance. Yes, effortless victory. That is the greatness of the salvation that is in you. So what then is wrong? If our salvation is this powerful why does our experience and statue quo say otherwise? 

The problem is definitely not from the salvation. That means the problem is with us. Specifically, the problem is with the way we have been administering this salvation. We are ministers of a gospel that preaches a salvation which gives victory over sin. We are like doctors who administer a drug that cures sin. A drug may be very potent, but if not properly administered might be detrimental to people’s health. 

It might end up making people more sick, or even kill them. How many have come into the Church, sincerely seeking for salvation only to end up as atheist. Yes, after they’ve tried and tried in the way of the church, but meet failure every single time. They finally come to a conclusion that this salvation is all a scam and God is intensionally being wicked — he is probably a psycho. They end up hating God for demanding such an high standing when he knows how weak humans are. Looking for ways to hurt Him back, they deny His existence and teach others to do the same. 

Bottom line, we caused it — yes the church. We choke these little ones with legalism until they come to a point where they can’t bear it anymore and they are forced to go deeper into the world and all its perversion. Even those who preach grace end up going deeper into perversion. Incomplete knowledge can be as terrible as false knowledge. When a drug is not properly understood it will end up being administered wrongly. You need to have a good knowledge how a drug works in order to determine how to properly administer it. 

The body of Christ have not properly understood the salvation that we preach and that is why we have such poor result. But if only we can acquire the proper knowledge then we would be able to build the right structure that will enable proper administering of salvation. Here in School Of Oneness our focus is unveiling the reality in Christ and learning to operate, exist and develop all the faculties needed to manifest this reality. 

We have available several courses, of which one of them is called Victory Over Sin. This an effective Christ-centered approach in dealing with sin. Join us and enroll for this free course. Our desire is to see every Christian demonstrate the fullness of the salvation Christ has given us. To join, follow the link below to the website and click “Join the community”, then complete the registration.

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