School Of Oneness Community

Walking Into The Manifestation Of The Fullness Of Chrst In You

We are God’s bride, called to become one with God through the New Covenant. This oneness means we would have access to the fullness of God and manifest his infinite dimensions as he expresses himself through us his body. Yes, in complete union he freely express in us whatever dimension he wishes. And God is truly willing to demonstrate his greatness through every believer who would align themselves in oneness with him. The least believer shall be greater than all the Old Testament saints put together. The New Covenant is designed to ensure all that, but sadly we have not been yielding to the New Covenant. The New Covenant is about union (oneness), for it is a marriage covenant, a union between God and man. If any believer should practice this oneness then God would surely demonstrate his infinite dimensions through his/her life. Together with oneness with God this community also emphasizes oneness and intimacy with one another. Join our community, meet people who are passionate as you are and would influence you with a greater passion for God. Yes, join and gain access to unlimited courses and experience a radical growth in your spiritual life.


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