Effortless Devotion

I am David Emechete, I have authored over a dozen Christian books and I been serving as a coach and mentor to Christian for several years now. In the process I have gathered experience and develop a technic that would cause any longing Christian to develop a more devoted lifestyle.

Recently, there have been a lot of preachers emphasizing that every believer must have a strong prayer life. And there are fellow Christians who boast about praying for 8 hrs or even 12 hrs. All that can sound really intimidating. As such there are many Christians out there who feel guilty and frustrated because they cannot pray over an hour.

If you are one of those who have been struggling to figure out how to move from where you are currently to a point where you can pray for lengthy amounts of time, read the Bible without getting bored, and have a consistent and healthy devotion with God every day, then you are in the right place.

And if you are someone who’s nature of work makes it extremely difficult for you to stay longer in prayer and press into God like you really want to. If you are that person that wants to experience or walk in the supernatural but the nature of your job does not give you enough time to press into the supernatural. Don’t worry, God’s grace is sufficient, we only need to learn to tap into it. Here I am going to be teaching you a technique that would cause you to experience and walk in the supernatural no matter how busy you are with work. Yeah, unbelievable right? That is just Jesus for you. Our God has foreseen everything and he has created a way in Christ. And in this training we would teach these things to you.

Every week we would be holding online meetings (video conference calls to be specific). I will guide you and help you come to that point where you are effortlessly pressing into God and walking in the supernatural. The meeting is held once every week, and within two or three months you should have achieved the goal. However, it’s not free. The fee is 3,000 naira per month. Once you subscribe and make payment you will be able to participate in the meetings. Below is the form for payment.

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