Oneness With God (Level 1)

An introduction to an effective way of growing into the fullness of God as a Christian. It doesn’t matter who you are, what gift you have or don’t have, you are called to become one with God as his bride. This oneness entails that you will experience unlimited dimensions of God, and you will manifest them effortlessly. The Oneness With God course will guide you into living experiences of your union with God.

Oneness With God course has different levels. Level one is meant to prepare you for this pursuit. It purpose is to help you develop the lifestyle that is needed for you to grow into the manifestation of your union with God. So this level might be the most difficult, cause the starting point is always difficult. But once you’ve developed that lifestyle then the rest will come easy for you. I can’t overemphasize how important this level is, so follow it patiently and obey every instruction you find here. Another thing you will get in this level is an unveiling and an introduction into the reality in Christ. This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. To come into an experiential union with God you need to behold the fullness and riches of him. You need to be introduced to this fullness and know it intimately so that you grow into oneness with all of the fullness of God. So enroll in the course and good luck on your journey.

Course Instructor

David Emechete David Emechete Author

Oneness With God free plan



The Exercises

Understanding Salvation

Unveiling The Reality In Christ

The Nature Of The Reality

The New Man In Christ

Anatomy Of The New Man

The Christian Life That God Established

The Transcended And Expansive Reality

A Life Of Eternal Sabbath Celebration

How It Works


Oneness With God free plan


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